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Were you aware that in order to safely install gas lines, you require the assistance of a professional plumbing contractor? When you hear the term “pipes” you probably think about plumbing pipes—not gas pipes. But natural gas piping is a vital part of our plumbing services.

At Drain Charmer we provide gas line installations and services to customers throughout the Santa Barbara, CA area and beyond. We work with natural gas piping, flexible gas lines, and all the appliances and equipment that may require natural gas to function.

Where you Need Gas Lines

Gas lines in your Santa Barbara, CA home typically go to fuel a wide range of essential appliances. Forced air furnaces, for instance, will need natural gas piping for fuel access if you don’t have an electric furnace. Appliances like gas stoves and dryers need flexible gas lines to operate. Most Santa Barbara, CA homes do utilize gas pipes since natural gas is an affordable and easily accessible source of fuel.

It’s important to remember, however, that natural gas can be hazardous if leaks or similar issues crop up. Therefore, you need a team to work on such problems—a team that does the job right every time. Even a seemingly minor problem with a gas line can turn into a serious safety hazard without the proper care and attention, which is why we guarantee our work.

The Dangers of Inadequate Gas Piping

Natural gas is normally tasteless and odorless—in other words, undetectable. It’s infused with an unpleasant odor by installers and gas companies to help warn you of a leak. Natural gas leaks can create a carbon monoxide hazard, particularly if your gas piping wasn’t installed correctly or not maintained properly. This creates an active risk to your home and your family. If you ever do detect the signs of a gas leak, be sure to get everyone out of your home and then call emergency services right away.

Inexperienced handymen or enthusiastic "do–it–yourselfers" should never attempt to install or service gas lines themselves. Rather, you need a reliable company with years of experience to do the job safely and effectively. This way, you can have the peace of mind that your gas lines are in good shape. Additionally, it’s required by law in most municipalities that gas line services be conducted by a professional who is licensed to do this kind of work.

Trust Our Pros for Gas Line Services

Gas pipes and flexible gas lines need to function without fail, and yet they’re not something you can repair on your own. As we mentioned above, it requires appropriate licensing, in addition to professional training and guaranteed effectiveness. Dealing with gas lines in your Santa Barbara home can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be with our highly experienced and educated team on your side.

We take pride in doing the job the right way, the first time. Gas lines are an extremely important part of your home and you need to trust that they’ll do their job safely and effectively. Contact our team today for whatever your gas piping needs may be.

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